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Engendering the Post-2015 Development Agenda: Opportunities and Challenges


This paper examines the achievements and gaps in the process of engendering de-
velopment since the creation of the United Nations African Institute for Economic

Development and Planning (IDEP), and discusses the emerging issues and prospects
for the post-2015 period from a feminist perspective. Through a critical analysis
of the outcomes of major global development processes such as the Millennium

Development Goals (MDGs) and the main approaches to the post-2015 develop-
ment agenda, the paper seeks to contribute to the debates around the definition

of new development policies and frameworks that can address the wide range of
challenges and their interconnections, and ensure economic, social, ecological and
gender justice in a world in transition.
The first section provides the background to the post-2015 development agenda,
and describes the main stages in the integration of gender issues into development
processes in Africa, with a focus on economic and development planning. In the
second section, the outcomes of the MDGs process along with some of the key
impacts of globalization are critically analysed from a feminist perspective. The
last section focuses on three of the emerging challenges in relation to the move
towards the green economy, corporate social accountability and financialization
in the post-2015 development agenda.



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